Friday, December 17, 2010

Acrylic on canvas



P-51 Mustang

Farmer Gary's FARMALL

Old Red Barn


Erv's cars 

B-52 D "Diamond Lil"

   Brisk Fall day

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Bookstore Dragon
 Made for the Creation Museum Dragon Hall Bookstore. This fantastical dragon reading a book with glowing eyes, was digitally sculpted in "Z- BRUSH", then milled out of styrofoam on a CNC router in very rough form, detailed with a pneumatic grinding tool, top-coated with thinset tile adhesive, and hand painted. The sculpture stands about 10 feet at the head and 16 feet at the peek of the tail. (*Giving credit to Travis Wilson for technical know how in Lightwave software and Mark Wilkins  for all CNC milling work.)



Cave Aquarium
This aquarium is at the Creation Museum in the Flood Geology area. I made the custom fit cave interior and exterior to create this home for blind cave fish. The oval shaped openings are the glass walls of the aquarium.


Tree of Life
 This 35 foot tall tree was made for the Creation Museum Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life was one of my designs,  but was physically created by six other artists and me.  
Artists credited: (Doug Henderson, Cathy Henderson,Travis Wilson, Nate Barton, Gary Moon and "Wolfy").

 A smaller less impressive 10 foot tree made for the same Garden of Eden area.


This 15 foot long Deinonychus sculpture was made for the Creation Museum's Garden of Eden. (fiberglass reinforced strofoam core,  detaled with Apoxy Sculpt, hand painted)

 This 13 foot long Polacanthus sculpture was also made for the Creation Museum's Garden of Eden. (styofoam core, detailed with Apoxy sculpt, and hand painted)


These animals were designed and scuplted for the Creation Museum's Garden of Eden.



    Miniature Oviraptors